Adopted daughter chops father’s body, mutilates private part

Mumbai Police on Saturday arrested two people including a minor boy for killing a 59-year old man and disposing body parts, chopped and stuffed in bags and a suitcase, in a river.

When the police recovered the suitcase they found the man’s leg, a hand and mutilated private part inside.

Accused Kumari Aradhya Jitendra Patil alias Riya (19) and her 16-year-old boyfriend killed Bennett Rebello on November 27 at his house at Dwarka Kunj, in Mumbai’s Vakola, Mahrashtra with a knife and bamboo stick.

The girl and her boyfriend also sprayed a mosquito killer on Bennett Rebello as he was alive even after he was stabbed.

It is but more twisted than that.

The police found that Bennett Rebello had adopted Riya and sexually assaulted her because he did not agree to her relationship with her minor boyfriend.


Riya and her boyfriend killed Bennett Rebello on November 27.

They used a knife and a stick to kill Bennett Rebello and upon learning that he was still breathing they even sprayed a mosquito killer on Bennett Rebello.

Once the accused were sure that Rebello has died they used a hot knife to chop his body parts.

The two accused chopped Bennett Rebello, stuffed the severed body parts in three bags including a suitcase and threw away the suitcase in Mithi river in Mumbai.

They took three days to dispose off his body parts in the river. A leg, hand and private part of Bennett Rebello was found in the suitcase.


The case was solved by Unit 5 of Mumbai Police’s crime branch when they found the suitcase in Mithi river.

A sweater, used to cover the body parts, was the first clue for the police in solving the gruesome crime. The sweater was stitched at a shop in Kurla called ALMO Men’s Wear. From there the police found a receipt in the name of Bennett.

Mumbai Police then used this name to carry out further investigation on social media and found him on Facebook.

Rebello was wearing a maroon sweater in one of his pictures which matched the sweater found in the suitcase. These leads confirmed that it was Rebello, the police said.

Rebello’s visiting card was found on one of his Facebook posts through which the police reached his house which was locked.

Upon investigations carried out in the area, the police found that he had not been seen for 10 days. They also learnt that he was a guitarist and played music at local gigs.

Mumbai Police soon learnt that Rebello had adopted a daughter identified as Riya who had a boyfriend. The cops did a sustained interrogation with Riya and her boyfriend.

They alleged that Rebello had sexually assaulted her and opposed their relationship.

“We are yet to investigate further details of this gruesome crime and yet to confirm whether it was a planned murder or not. The accused was adopted by Rebello two years ago. Her parents live in Asalpha, Ghatkopar. The minor accused [boyfriend] is her neighbour in Asalpha,” DCP Detection, Shahji Umap, said.

Riya, the 19-year-old daughter who was adopted by deceased | Photo courtesy: Mustafa Shaikh


Mumbai Police found a leg, hand and private part of Bennett Rebello one suitcase. However, other bags are still be recovered.

The police are yet to confirm the motive behind the murder and are also searching for the other two bags full of body parts.

The police confirmed that private part of the deceased was mutilated. The deceased lived alone in Vakola. He had married twice but separated from his wives.

The crime branch is verifying when Rebello had adopted Riya.

Source – India Today