Karnataka overtakes Delhi with 1.4 lakh coronavirus cases, has 7 times total active cases

Karnataka now has nearly 1.4 lakh coronavirus cases and has become the third worst-affected state in India overtaking Delhi’s count. India now has a total of 18.55 lakh coronavirus cases.

With 1,39,571 coronavirus cases, Karnataka is now ranked below Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, two states that have the highest number of coronavirus cases in India.

According to the latest health ministry data, Karnataka now has 74,477 active coronavirus cases while 62,500 have recovered from the disease so far.

Karnataka has also seen 2,594 deaths so far due to the disease that has killed nearly 39,000 people across the country till date.

Graphic: India Today

With 1.39 lakh coronavirus cases, Karnataka has gone past Delhi’s coronavirus count, which is now the fourth worst-affected state in India with 1,38,482 coronavirus cases.

However, Karnataka has seven times the number of active cases compared to Delhi. While Delhi has 10,207 active coronavirus cases, Karnataka has over 74,000 active cases as of August 4.

Over 1.24 lakh people in Delhi have recovered from the disease.

At the same time, Delhi’s Covid-19 death toll is almost double than the toll in Karnataka. While 2,500 people have died in Karnataka so far, in Delhi, over 4,000 people have died till date.

Maharashtra, which continues to remain the worst-affected state among all, has over 4.50 lakh coronavirus cases in total with nearly 16,000 people dead so far.

Tamil Nadu ranks second among all states with 2.63 lakh coronavirus cases.

Source – India Today