Man caught on camera spitting on rotis while cooking at wedding in UP’s Meerut, arrested

A man has been arrested for spitting on Tandoori rotis while cooking at a wedding in Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut. The man was arrested after a video of him spitting on the rotis before putting it in a tandoor went viral on social media.

The man has been identified as Sohail. The incident came to light when a person secretly filmed the man spitting on the rotis before cooking them in a tandoor at a wedding in Meerut.

As soon as the video landed on social media, netizens, “disgusted” with the visuals, called for action against the man and urged police to probe the matter.

As the matter escalated with Hindu Jagran Manch creating a ruckus outside LLRM Police Station in Meerut, an FIR was registered against Sohail.

Hindu Jagran Manch President Sachin Sirohi claimed that the video was recorded at a banquet hall in Meerut during a wedding. He has now demanded that CCTV cameras be installed at the wedding venues to keep a check on such incidents.

Source – India Today