Mann ki Baat: PM Narendra Modi urges people to maintain social distance, not emotional

In the latest episode of Mann ki Baat on Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged everyone to maintain “social distance” and “not emotional and human distance” while battling the novel coronavirus pandemic.

“We have to maintain social distance, not emotional and human distance,” PM Narendra Modi said. “Social distancing doesn’t mean stopping of social interaction.”

PM Narendra urged people to “not victimise those in home quarantine” and said this is a “sensitive” matter and everyone needs to understand.

“I was extremely hurt when I came to know that some people are misbehaving with those who are being advised home quarantine. We need to be sensitive and understanding. Increase social distancing but reduce emotional distancing,” PM Narendra Modi said.

PM Narendra Modi Modi also praised the front-line workers in the fight against the virus as well as countless workers in the essential services who are ensuring the country doesn’t come to a complete standstill in the 21-day lockdown announced on March 24.

“I seek forgiveness .. I am sure you will forgive me that you had to undergo so much trouble. Some people will say what kind of prime minister is this but these are special circumstances. You had to undergo problems I understand but there is no other way out to fight the coronavirus,” PM Narendra Modi said. “But this is a battle for life and death.”

“Coronavirus is bent on killing people therefore entire humanity must unite and resolve to eliminate it,” PM Narendra said in the address that lasted more than 30 minutes and featured two former coronavirus patients and a doctor.

The latest episode of PM Narendra Modi’s Mann Ki Baat focused on the situation prevailing due to Covid-19. Mann ki Baat radio programme is aired on the last Sunday of every month and the prime minister speaks on the latest issues.

Source – India Today