WATCH: Speeding car flies off Hyderabad flyover, crashes into road below

A speeding car came flying from a flyover and crashed into a road in Hyderabad on Saturday.

CCTV cameras captured the speeding car crashing down from Hyderabad’s new Biodiversity flyover.

According to a report, the chilling accident killed one pedestrian and injured six other people.

In the CCTV footage, one can see the shadow of the car, in the air, appearing on the road before it smashes into the road.

A motorcycle is seen just next to the spot where the car crashed. The motorcyclist and pillion were able to dodge a tragedy.

However, the car hit the road after travelling in the air for a few seconds and smashed into a tree near where some autorickshaws were parked. Soon a signboard came flying out of nowhere which almost hit a pedestrian.

Panic and fear gripped the road as people were seen running away from the accident spot.

WATCH: CCTV captures speeding car crashing down from Hyderabad’s new biodiversity flyover

Another video angle of the accident shows the car hitting the ground exactly where a crowd stood near the place where the autorickshaws were parked.

The car flipped after hitting the ground and was immensely damaged.

WATCH: Car loses control, falls from flyover at Biodiversity Junction, Hyderabad

The car, after losing control, fell from the flyover located at Biodiversity Junction, Raidurgam in Hyderabad.

The car driver in the accident miraculously escaped death.

A case has been registered.

Source – India Today