8 Readers Share Their Hobbies

Hobbies for Women - Knitting

One of the best parts of spending time with children is witnessing their creative play (just today my four-year-old turned a cardboard box into a horse barn!). For so many reasons, it’s harder to make space for fun in adulthood, but it’s just as worthwhile. Here, eight readers share their hobbies…

Hobbies for Women

“My friend is a prolific knitter, and she always shows up in beautiful sweaters that make me say, ‘You made that?!’ She taught me the basics, and I chose one of Misha and Puff’s free community patterns. Now, I’m never without a project on my needles. Knitting is a quiet kind of creativity — and fulfilling even if I pick it for only five minutes at the end of a day.” — Kaila, Blue Knob, Pennsylvania

Hobbies for Women tennis

Hobbies for Women tennis

“Light tennis!” — Kavi, Brooklyn, New York

flower arranging hobby free patterns

“Designing floral arrangements — with flowers I grew, foraged or found at local farm stands — is so calming. Then I photograph my creations since they’re ephemeral. It’s a sort of journal that marks what is growing and inspiring me each season.” — Sara, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

hobbies for women music

“Music has always been my hobby, but it turned into a very big one a couple years ago when I wound up in a local rock band. Here, all my girlfriends were dancing their hearts out in the front row, and my band was playing behind me. I was surrounded by pure fun.” — Sadie, Anchorage, Alaska

Hobbies for Women pottery

“Last summer, my sister and I roped our family into taking a class at a local pottery studio, and it was the most fun we’d had together in a long time. Getting our hands in the clay felt like a tactile way of connecting to the earth. I now have a work/trade arrangement with the local studio where I get to get my hands dirty every week.” — Holly, Sacramento Valley, California

Hobbies for Women baking

“What I love most about baking is focusing — reading a recipe, measuring all the ingredients, setting the oven temperature — and, finally, seeing the result. Something about it is so meditative; if I follow every rule, I’ll have something great to share. It’s certainty in a very uncertain world.” — Valentina, Chile

Hobbies for Women - Sewing

Hobbies for Women

“I started sewing my own clothes eight years ago. It’s my creative outlet, and it feels good to sew clothes that fit me, are one of a kind, and go with my personality. Also, I’m at the age where I wear whatever the heck I want without caring if I’m on trend.” — Christine, San Leandro, California

Hobbies for Women

“I’ve always had a very hard time remembering what I enjoy doing, so in my 20s I began keeping lists titled ‘Things I Do for Fun.’ The problem is that I would forget these lists existed, so not only did I not consult my lists, but I then made a repeat list, which I also didn’t consult! Not knowing what I enjoy doing has always made me feel like a robot, but as it turns out, I’m not a robot. I’m just neurodivergent! I now keep my current list on the fridge.” — Leighton, Los Angeles

What do you do for fun? All this creativity is so inspiring.

P.S. Readers share their happy moments, and how to find a hobby.

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