Saudi Arabia to launch Environmental Compliance Forum to chart a more sustainable future

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia is set to launch the first “Environmental Compliance Forum 2024” on Sunday in the capital, Riyadh, which is being organized by the National Center for Environmental Compliance, state news agency SPA reported on Saturday.

The forum will feature the participation of specialists and decision-makers in the field of the environment locally, regionally and globally, to develop a comprehensive vision for the advancement of the environmental sector between the governmental, private and non-profit sectors.

Saad Al-Matrafi, the center’s spokesman, said that the two- day forum, which will conclude on Monday, will involve more than 40 international and regional figures from 10 countries, to discuss many topics related to future trends in the field of the sustainable environment.

He said that the forum will be a platform for discussing best practices in the field of the environment, in addition to supporting environmental research, innovations and technologies, for which a section in the forum has been designated the “Sustainability Cafe.”

He added that the forum will provide opportunities for relevant parties to discuss ways of joint cooperation and investment, through a number of sessions and dialogues where opinions and viewpoints will be exchanged on the latest developments in the environmental sector in various areas of development and sustainability.

Al-Matrafi said that the event represents an unusual opportunity for all institutions and companies to review their projects, initiatives and tools that support environmental sustainability, come up with the best global environmental practices by harmonizing plans and projects that contribute to the successful implementation of everything that serves the sustainable environment sector.

He noted that the forum’s sessions will discuss the challenges to move forward in advancing economic growth and diversification, in line with the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, and unifying efforts to achieve a qualitative shift in the national economy while protecting and preserving the Kingdom’s natural resources and habitats.

The forum will also deal with other topics, most notably how to chart the way to a brighter future, policy and governance, technology and innovation in the field of the environment, sustainable development and quality of life, private sector participation, community participation, and youth and the environment.

Meanwhile, the Sustainability Cafe will provide an opportunity to hear the opinions of young people and discuss their aspirations and roles toward the environment, with the participation of several specialized environmental associations.

The participants will include the former Japanese environment minister, several CEOs of national environmental centers, and major national companies such as NEOM, Red Sea Global, the New Square Development Company, and the Saudi Mining Company.

Also present will be consultants and officials from the environmental protection departments in the ministries of investment and human resources and social development, the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, the Red Sea and transport authorities, the development authority of the Eastern Province, and the Riyadh Municipality, in addition to the participation of several Saudi and European universities, including King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Najran University, and the University of Florence in Italy, and a number of Saudi and environmental consulting companies in the Kingdom and the Gulf region.

Source – Arab News