Three Pieces I’m Wearing on Repeat

How’s the weather where you live? After the eclipse yesterday, the sun barreled back into New York like it needed to prove itself. I found excuses to sneak out for a bunch of walks, and the air felt like a kiss! Here’s what I’m wearing on repeat these days…

1. Stonewashed chambray shirt. My friend Mo was wearing this shirt the other day, and I loved it so much I got the same one. The bleached look feels cool, and although it’s splurgy, I know I’ll wear it so many times, the cost-per-wear will be $1. Mine’s available here and here, and Old Navy has a nice version, too.

2. Mac coat. I love a classic trench, but the belted fabric feels heavy on warmer days. For something similar but lightweight, Reformation makes a great simple Mac, as does Everlane.

3. Red bag. When I’m running out the door, I reach for this poppy red bag nine times out of 10. A primary color feels cheerful, and a crossbody keeps my hands free for children/coffee/adventures. Mine is seven years old from Clare V., but I’m digging this A.P.C. number and Zara crossbody.

Thoughts? What are you wearing these days? I’d love to hear…

P.S. My friend Gemma’s lipstick find, and six more pieces I’ve worn a million times.

Source – Cup of joy